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Every online marketer knows the importance of being on top of Google’s search engine results. Those websites that are on top grab around 35% of the traffic which is missed by those lower ranked websites. Most marketers would attest that “Content is King”, but creating original content is highly time consuming. Writing engaging content takes hours of researching, editing and more. But what if there is an easier way to have 100% original content and rank higher on Google automatically? That is what WP Auto Ranker is for.

What is WP Auto Ranker?

WP Auto Ranker is a brand new, powerful plugin for WordPress that can rank your site automatically on page no. 1 on Google with proven 100% original content without having to create any original content on your own. it has a library of thousands of content sources for you to use which you can easily access to. This content creator will give you high quality content that your visitors will love complete with unique images. Also, it has dozens of settings to have your content appear exactly how you want it to be on your site

With this outstanding software you will not only ranked higher in Google, but you can also expect an influx of traffic, leads and sales.

How Does WP Auto Ranker Work?

In order to get to your goal to generate traffic, leads and sales with WP Auto Ranker, you have to complete the following simple steps:

Install and activate the plugin.

Choose content sources from the massive content library, you can choose from thousands of content sources.

Select your chosen settings for displaying your content.

You can choose to have spun images.

Sit back and watch your automated content appear and see your google ranking shoot up as a result.

With these steps, you will jump start your traffic overnight without doing any hard work.

Watch the Demo Video:


About the Creator:

Dan Green created and developed WP Auto Ranker. He is considered a master in digital marketing and has already launched breakthrough inventions like Viral Traffic, VideoMate and more which have all made a difference in the businesses of online marketers.


You can get daily unique content for your site and it is humanly readable too that will make your visitors love it.

WP Auto Ranker is proven to have a fast impact that you can expect to see an increase in your Google ranking in just a few days.

It saves you time and money. WP Auto Ranker simplified it for you, no more worrying about writing original content which will take hours of your time or hire a content writer which can be really expensive.

Gaining a lot of positive testimonials from early users who have seen the big difference and great improvement on their business by using WP Auto Tracker.

Get the traffic that you need. WP Auto Ranker gives you access to the internet’s biggest source of traffic.

Completely newbie friendly interface. You do not need technical expertise to use WP Auto Tracker.

Gives you high potential to earn on automated traffic and sales.

It has a 24/7 support policy to hep you with your concerns or technical problems.

WP Auto Ranker comes with special bonuses namely Google Adsense for Blogs Training, “Social Authority” Traffic Report and SEO Revolution 2019.

If you get WP Auto Ranker and it does not work for you and the support team fails to fix the issue you have encountered, you will be refunded with your investment 100% money back guarantee within 30 days from date of purchase.


It needs a fast and reliable internet connection for it to run properly and smoothly.

Results vary. There are variable factors of each and everyone’s results.


If you can reach Google’s top page, it is an excellent opportunity for you and your business. Being ranked higher not only boost’s your business’ ability to generate traffic and leads, it will also let your audience see your business as authentic especially with many existing competitors. So, you better try WP Auto Tracker because it does not only accelerate your traffic, it is done easily and quickly through auto pilot, which saves you time and money.

WP Auto Tracker is a smart way to rank your site with 100% original content created for you every day. This means more traffic, leads and sales for you. Reduce your worrying and workload with WP Auto Tracker and keep that sales coming your way. Be ten times better than your competitors, if you ranked higher, ensure that with WP Auto Tracker.

8.6 Total Score
Automatically Rank Higher on Google!

Content is King that is why WP Auto Ranker helps you have 100% original content and ranks you higher in Google, all on autopilot.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Support Team
Features & Functions
  • Daily Unique Content
  • Fast Impact on Rankings
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Newbie Friendly Interface
  • Positive Feedbacks
  • Needs Fast + Reliable Internet
  • Results Vary


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